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tv   The Chris Matthews Show  NBC  April 21, 2013 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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way we -- i hate to say it, the way we are in big crowds. we are are a little wearier and we will move on. that's what human beings do. but we live in a totally different way in this country. chris: and here in washington we see it -- this week the president cut down foot traffic in front of the white house. not only no cars. in the olden days when you were in your mix son coverage i remember you can drive in front of 1600 pennsylvania and salute nixon. those days are gone. >> they are. but the boston event obviously a serious tragedy. but i don't know whether it's going to go down in the history books. the question -- it is not necessarily that big an event. 9/11 was a giant event, obviously, 3,000 people killed. but the lingering question
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always was, are they coming again? this is al-qaeda. and what we know about the boston case now it seems -- emphasize "seems" that this was not organized. that this was not ideology. chris: three people were killed and yet so much emotion. >> these are your neighbors, friends. this is the boston marathon. what we have gotten used to is turning to the president of the united states as somebody who keeps us informed, consoles us, let's us know how nervous or not nervous we ought to be. and i i think the fact that we saw president obama come out very quickly after boston even though he clearly this was an ongoing situation to talk to the american people, it's something that president obama learned from george bush's mistakes after 9/11. >> we've gotten more resilient. one of the things that's changed after 9/11 all the tools,
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prosecutorial tools that we told the bush administration to go out and again. the public is very comfortable with. they're resilience is great. but we're much more comfortable with being surveiled. chris: aren't you amazed that we are? >> we forget about it. chris: we have surveillance camera across the street? >> i believe everywhere you go in a major city like new york city, you need to assume you're on some kind of a camera. >> we have not been aware of that. we are learning. chris: your paper by the way, reported this week that every second of the finish line of that, every square inch of that territory is on somebody's cell phone and they're going to accumulate it. >> and there's no privacy. let's face it. maybe that's going to be a warning to any group or individuals who want to do something like this. they are watching you. they may be watching you in your own backyard.
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chris: that's a consolation because remember mouhammad ata. when he went to places, a.t.m. machines. he was photographed at a c.v.s. >> and he was the lead hijacker of 9/11. chris: but they had an incredible number of these two suspects walking on the street. >> once they have the picture they have the ability through facial recognition to identify him like that. >> it's not only the pictures that the feds have or the stores have, it's the person standing next to you and they have that. and let's just say that police work is unbelievable. chris: let me ask you -- >> go through this so quickly and figure this out. chris: the roots of these two young men are chechnian. how is this going to affect to be the one possible success of this administration which is immigration reform. is it going to become a hammer
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for those who oppose it? that security hammer they use at the end? >> after 9/11 we discovered that george bush wanted it really badly. and it just died the next day. and there will be a similar effect. >> whatever the exact immigration situation is with these young men, just the idea of it is what you're saying. >> that's what i think will happen. probably not on as fast a track as people think anyway. but this isn't going to help. >> well, we don't know. i mean, this thing may be solved in a matter of days. now, it may not be and they're going to find links and connections and there are going to be suspicions. you know, people are going to conjure up or real or imaged conspiracies and so force. true statement, that police work is really phenomenal. >> yeah. >> and they, you know, they may just have this solved real quickly and i want to repeat, i
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don't think it necessarily goes in the history books. chris: let's go back to calibrating this. i was overwhelmed by the tears at the cathedral of the holy cross, the tears, the emotions were so strong in situations where other countries have gotten used to and we haven't. >> the little kids were specifically targeted. a fellow goes in and looks at little kid and shoots him. to me there,'s -- i don't think it's the same animal. >> after 9/11 we discovered the cops couldn't talk to the firefighters in most places we looked. and that was not a problem this week. whatever else you may say about complacency or resilience si there's an integration with responders that just didn't exist 10 years ago. and they practice it. and they practice it.
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>> can we go back to what bob mentioned about privacy. yes, we have something brilliant happened here but it happened because the tools that they are using are the tools that deprive us of any kind of anonymity in our own lives. we will never be able to go anywhere -- chris: i agree. >> we're all going to end up wearing berkas. chris: civil libertarian right or left. don't want a national i.d. card. they already have it. >> it's your neighbors. it's your twitter account. it's social media. chris: four decades ago the country was transfixed by the watergate reporting of bob stein.d and carl here's how the new documentary will air on discovery sunday
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night sets the scene. with the nixon campaign in full swing. >> this re-election committee would become entangled with a mysterious illegal break-in. >> five men were arrested early saturday while trying to install eavesdropping equipment at the democratic national committee. >> it was the sunday after the burglary, we were the only two that showed up in the office. >> i was in the office that day. i was writing a profile. i said this is a better story than the one i'm working on. i think i want to work on this. >> one of the men has an office in the committee the re-election of the president. >> the new movie reminds us that president nixon's tape reveal nixon's fear of his enemies motivated the watergate break-in as well as the list. >> the real nixon is on those
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tapes. chris: the film interweaves scenes that day. and here they are narrating it as the story unfolded. >> every day bob and i would have coffee together. and on this particular day not that long after the break-in, i put a dime into the coffee machine and i literally felt this chill go down my neck. literally, it made my hair stick up. i turned to woodward and i said oh, my god, this president's going to be impeached. >> woodward looked at me and said you're right. chris: it airs on the discovery channel this sunday night. and we talk about how they
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chris: welcome back. bob woodward, this is your life. actually that's not far from the truth. as we said we're highlights a new discovery channel movie about the making of "all the president's men" because it's been four decades since watergate. you talk about the light bub that struck -- bulb that struck about watergate. >> saturday morning, june 17th, no one flashed a message to me. this is going to be one of the most important days of your life. chris: wow. bob woodward. you made print hot. >> i know. [laughter] >> but that's true. and i'd been at "the post" for nine months. and the city editor, the big boss said come on in. it was a beautiful day in washington. and the editors sat around and said gee, who could we go get
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come in, who would be crazy enough to come in on such a nice saturday morning? and i was at the top of the list because i was the junior guy. and i they sent me down to the courtroom and that's when james mccord who was the lead burglar who was asked where did you work. and mccord went -- and didn't answer. and the judge said speak up. and he finally said c.i.a. and wow. chris: and you were back in one of those pews. >> and i erupted with something i can't repeat on the air. when do you have burglars in suits with all this money in their pocket, sophisticated, photographic equipment, electronic equipment. and the head of security at the nixon committee -- i mean, this is not the militant campfire girls who did this. chris: lesley stahl you were a very young reporter. >> i'm laughing because any
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story's very similar. there was a break-in at the democratic headquarters. who are we going to send? and i had just been hired. and i was the youngest, newest -- youngest -- newest person. and they didn't think it was the story worth anything. so send the new girl. i was in the same courtroom. that's where i met bob woodward. and he and i were sitting next to each other. and the judge starts asking questions. and your eyes were popping out. and you turned to me and you said this is probably bigger than we thought. >> and we both covered the story for months and we would talk about it. and i kept saying -- >> you did. >> what did i say? >> over and over, the story would die. it would just go away. >> and they said don't let them take this story away from you. don't let them take this story away from you over and over. and it's why i got the cover to the very end because you kept saying -- and he -- we -- you --
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in that courtroom you knew it was bigger. and the next hearing was when they had the unmarked $100 bills and phony passports. it unfolded. chris: that's a good pick up line. >> full disclosure here, we did date. chris: let me ask you about it today. i remember back in the 1980's and 1970's people were using western union to file their -- >> phone booths. chris: what about the twitter and all that stuff today. when you were out there on your own fighting everybody to get it done, today what would it have been like? would there have been someone in the courtroom who have tweeted that account, god, there's a c.i.a. guy in this room? >> it's quite possible. you talk to younger people and they think, oh, you just googled nixon secret fund and that's
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going to unravel watergate. it was secret and no one knew except a couple of people. and so what you have to do is go into the night and knock on doors and find untraditional sources. we were lucky we found the treasure to the re-election committee. we found the bookkeeper. we found people who could say, yeah, you know, they're doling out hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash in a campaign safe. they don't even do that now. chris: when you look at the movie, do you see something like your favorite novel of the movie doesn't quite click with the reality. does the movie seem like you? because we've all seen it. >> i always say you have no idea how many women i've disappointed over the years. and i swear to you that's true. and it got journalism right. and journalists will say and we lay out in the book and the movies very clear about the
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mistakes we made. we made lots of mistakes, lots of rookie mistakes. and whe didn't have documents. we didn't have on the record interviews with people. as bradley the editor said, you can go home with a lump in your tummy and the lump is uncertainty. but we had katherine graham the publisher and the other editor who is said keep working on the story. chris: my favorite part is when he says this -- you have the story. i'm sorry to keep you guys out of it. when we come back, scoops and predictions right from the [ wind howling ]
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chris: welcome back. bob, tell me something i don't know. >> i think in the obama's second term, foreign affairs are going to define more and more. chris: for better or worse? >> well, we'll see. there are a lot of powder kegs in the world to say the least. are they equipped in a way to be effective? we have an input in the world, if you go around and talk to enough leaders and foreign ministers and so forth, there's an uncertainty about how tough obama is. and you have to be tough in foreign affairs. chris: that's what i worry about that they don't know he's that tough over in iran. and we're going to have a
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miscalculation. they're going to go ahead and think he won't hit them. >> that's one of them. but it's north korea. it's libya. it's egypt. pakistan with 200 nukes. you know, what's going on in russia? china? chechnya. lesley stahl? >> well, i want to pick up on what we talked about before. i think we're going to find out how much information about us is out there easily accessible including our faces. chris: ok. >> immigration reform, big issue. i think it's going to pass the senate. 70% chance it's going to pass the senate. chris: 70 votes? >> i don't know. but what i'm hearing is there's a lot of concern about when it comes to the house because the speaker has this unruley bunch under control for spending issues and budget issues. if they don't vote on it this summer which is lookingless likely then it could be in the fall and then you get involved
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in all kinds of elections. chris: mike duffy? >> when the presidential library opens in dallas, texas, the former president would have raced more than $500 million just destroying oh -- all previous fundraising efforts. chris: how? >> hard work. he calls up a donor and asks for three. he usually gets it. chris: that's an old fundraising trick. it makes people feel hefty. up next, will the n.r.a. block wider gun background ♪ alright, let's go.
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♪ the one and only, cheerios chris: welcome back. after gun background checks lost to the senate, the president vowed to keem trying. but our big question will the n.r.a. block wider background check first this foreseeable future? >> bob?
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>> the real question is can obama move the u.s. congress? maybe he's going to figure out how to do that. chris: can't move the individual members. >> well, he's got to develop the personal relation somehow and find that leverage. he hasn't. >> well, you see if these senators couldn't vote with the newtown issue so close and now with the distance i think it's probably doomed for the foreseeable future. >> i think this is framing the 2014 midterm elections. chris: to what effect? win or lose on this? >> the democrats will make this an issue -- chris: will they win on it? >> eventually they will win but maybe not after the midterm. >> nothing changes. chris: i will make it 4-1. thanks for a great round table. bob woodward, gloria borger, michael duffy and lesley stahl.
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good evening. i'm dine divider. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. we begin with breaking news out of boston where nbc news is reporting the surviving marathon bomber is communicating with investigators with handwritten responses. i don't ca dzhokhar tsarnaev is -- charge
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may come tomorrow. >> also today many pause to remember the victims and reflect on what has been an overwhelming week in the city. >> jie gray has been following and has the aftermath from boston. >> reporter: they continue to clean out the area inside the crime scene. as more of the city begins to open, many today were drawn here to the area nearest where it happened. sometimes there's a strength in simply being together. >> people are going to have to ban together and be with their loved ones and work through it by talking and feeling. >> hundreds from different faiths gathered near the site, some whose charge was damaged in the attack, some resilient but till on sundays, pausing to reflect. >> it was shock, it was anger, it was sadness because this is our city. you don't hurt our city.
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>> pictures of the victims an emotional mass at the cathedral of holy cross today. >> it week we are all scattered in the pain and horror of the senseless violence perpetrated on patriots day. >> and now as they come back with investigators finishing their work, the city is preparing for the crime tape and barricades to come down along boylston street. >> now today, it's time to move forward. >> reporter: there is still heavy security at the p hospital where suspect with a throat wound that could be a suicide attempt before the capture. we're learning what he did in the days after the attack. witnesses say he returned to classes at the university of massachusetts dartmouth, even nd
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